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Tacx Neo 2T unboxing

Earlier today my dad and I went to our local sports basement, they carried the trainer and it was 10 percent off. The trainer is super heavy, which I should not have been surprised about. The trainer costed $1,399, which is the most expensive trainer I think. Here is the unboxing/review.

      This side shows what the trainer looks like from above. The trainer also comes with a free 1 month zwift subscription and a tacx training app subscription.
This side of the box hows the details, one of the things that sticks out is the fact that it can go up to 25 percent gradient.

This side is nothing that interesting, just the description of the trainer.

This side shows all the cool features, like the fact that you can ride on it without having it plugged in, also that it is supposed to be the quietest trainer, which is very true. An audio video will be posted soon.

And this part just shows like all the details that are not that important. I will be posting a video on how to install a cassette and a first ride video with a lot of these details. Onto the unboxing, first of all, even before I looked in the box, I could tell that I was gonna like this trainer! Here are the unboxing pictures.

The first thing you see when you open the box is a cool cover thing that says, push your limits, which is kinda cool. Here is a picture of all the instructions, parts, and cord. The trainer does not need the cord but when you use the cord it enables the downhill feature that I will test out shortly.

This is the trainer part. The trainer was huge when I first looked at it, but I eventually got used to it. The trainer folds up and to unfold it you simply just push the sides down. I do recommend installing the cassette first before unraveling the trainer because it makes the cassette easier to install.

This is the instruction manual. The instructions are pretty good compared to other ones, online I could not find anything on how to install the cassette, I know how to install one, I just did not know if it was different on the tacx from the wahoo, turns out it is the same. Thanks for reading the articles! Also check out our channel because I will be posting lots of cool videos soon. I will also be posting a review of the trainer on a separate article. Ride On!

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