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TFC Mad Monday Series Review

My experience

For the past few weeks, I have been racing in the TFC Mad Monday race series. This series is very similar to Zwift Racing League, but it offers split categories. Riders can join a lower category, or higher category for each category. The race uses a point system based off of finishing positions and FAL segments. The series is extremely well organized. After a few hours, all of the points are calculated and final results are available. A few days later, team standings are finalized and posted on their Facebook page. A few days before the race starts, an email is sent out with event links and details. The races also have extremely good Zwift Power points available. Because of how competitive the series is, lots of well ranked riders show up to the race. For those who are looking to start racing or looking for a race series in between Zwift Racing League seasons, this is the perfect opportunity. There are TFC Mad Monday series running constantly, to sign up for the next series, head over to their official page:

Final thoughts

Overall this is a very well organized race series, and I’d highly recommend this series to all racers. Their use of split categories and points system is perfect. I have not seen any instances of sandbagging or cheating, which is awesome. I’d give this race series a 10/10.


I have been making videos about these races for the past few weeks. Enjoy!

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