The Best Heart Rate Monitors For Zwift

Whether you are using a heart rate monitor for training or racing, having one that is good quality, accurate, and affordable is crucial. Here is a list of my top picks for the best heart rate monitors that are compatible with Zwift

1. Wahoo Tickr // Best Overall

The best overall heart rate monitor is the Wahoo Tickr. The Wahoo Tickr is an affordable, accurate, and high quality heart rate monitor from Wahoo. Many Zwifters use this heart rate monitor, and it is likely the most popular heart rate monitor out there. The Wahoo Tickr is priced at $49.99, and is available for purchase on the Wahoo website and Amazon.

2. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Dual // Another great all-arounder

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Dual is very similar to the Wahoo Tickr. It is priced slightly higher at $69.99. The heart rate monitor dual boasts an extremely long battery life of 3.5 years! Link to purchase: Note: Currently on sale for 35% off on the linked Amazon listing.

3. Polar Verity Sense // Best Arm-band

Based off of reviews, this is one of the most accurate arm band heart rate monitors. Other competitors, such as the Wahoo Tickr Fit and Scosche Rythm series do not seem to have as good reviews. The heart rate monitor funtions just like other heart rate monitors, just using an optical sensor on your arm. The Polar Verity Sense can also pair to the Polar training app, where it can be used to record workouts. Here is a link to purchase:

4. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro // Best top of the line

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro is one of the most expensive heart rate monitors, and the most feature packed monitor. The heart rate monitor pro is priced at $129.99, and is available for purchase on the Wahoo website. The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro also records running dynamics and workouts. The workouts can later be synced to the Garmin Connect app. Link to purchase:

5. Garmin Heart Rate Broadcast // Easiest way

Most Garmin watches from the past 2 years include bluetooth heart rate broadcast. For a complete article on how to broadcast your heart rate from your Garmin watch, head over to this article: The heart rate reading likely will not be as accurate, but it is an easy way to get your heart rate on Zwift.

Honorable Mention // Wahoo Tickr X

The Wahoo Tickr X is very similar to the traditional traditional Wahoo Tickr, but adds a few bonus features that most athletes don’t need, but are nice to have. The Tickr X can record calories burned, running analytics, and indoor cycling cadence. The heart rate sensor also has 50 hours of built-memory for strength training workouts.

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links and purchasing through these links help me maintain the site 🙂

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