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The BYT podcast announced

     Bikely Youth Team is currently the largest team for kids only on Zwift. The team has kids from ages 8-15! This team supports all juniors. Recently announced through the team discord is their new podcast. 2 riders from the team decided to team up and create a podcast about the team, what\’s been going on, and just general talk around the amazing world of Zwift! This podcast is currently still in the works, for those who are eager to hear these kids chat it up about Zwift, the link to the podcast will be announced through instagram, discord, and soon this blog. If we can get things to work out I will likely post the podcast on the weekly update series that is released Mondays, Tuesday\’s for some of you. Currently they are working out storage issues and things like that but when available the podcast will be on the BYT instagram page, link here: Please check out the the podcast and I will let you all know when it is available.

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