The Fastest Crit I’ve Ever Done // L39GION of LA Crit Series

Today I did a huge crit race, the biggest one I have done, and it was on the new Neokyo Crit Course, the only event only route. The race was 6 laps of Neokyo Crit Course, roughly 15 miles long. Looking at the races that happened earlier in the day, I could tell it was going to be a really fast race. The race started extremely fast, and there were around 120 riders in the front group after the first split. The race overall was really steady and there were very few attacks. One thing I did notice was that I was constantly getting mini XP bonuses and very few actual power-ups. I ended up getting three power-ups total, which is very few considering how many lap banners I went through. I didn’t have a power up in the finishing sprint which was unfortunate, and I had no energy left to sprint. I finished in 81st, which didn’t get me a score gain on Zwift Power, but I did get a new FTP. My FTP is now 145(4.4wpk).

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