The HERD Omnium Series Announced

HERD Racing is hosting a race series this weekend, this is meant to be a track event, but since Zwift does not have a track, it will take place on several events on some of Zwift Racings finest courses. Here are the details.

The event will have category enforcement on, and expect this to be a highly competitive race. The race series will not have power ups and does not require the use of a heart rate monitor. There will also be 4 different time zones, APAC, EMEA, America East, America West. There will also be a separate league for each of the time zones.

The series is made up of a total of 6 events. Here are the details from the event description:

Day 1 (March 26th/27th)

Event 1 – This is a sprint race with a single lap of the Watopia Hilly Route Reverse course. Score points for your finishing position, with the finishing line shortly after the peak of the KOM. Expect an extremely fast paced race with some hard attacks on the climb.
Event 2 – The Hill Climb! Completed on the Casse-Pattes route in France, only your time up Petit KOM will count against those set by your competitors! Expect riders to go easy for the course as the only part that matters is the KOM
Event 3 – We take on a 16.1km (10 mile) Individual Time Trial on the Neokyo All-Nighter route. This will use the Time Trial module, so offers a staggered start without draft. Steady is the best way to go for a time trial!

Day 2 (March 27th/28th)

Event 4 – Points Race – 10 laps of Downtown Dolphin with points scored each lap only for the time (vs competitors) on the uphill prime segment. Hard attacks will split the group each lap.
Event 5 – A very simple 3km Time Trial. Set the best time, win all the points! This will test your 3-5 minute power!
Event 6 – Scratch Race – A simple lap around the Figure 8 Route in Watopia. First over the line takes the points! Flat out race, expect lots of attacks on the climbs since this is the last race for points!

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