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The Next Few Months of Events/Races on Zwift

Here are some notable events/series that will be happening on Zwift in the next month. Note that these are not all the races that happen, these are just the series that are beginning or continuing this month. These were all the race series that I could find coming up, if you spot any, leave a note in the comments and I will be sure to add it.

Special Races/Race Series

Regular Race Series

Ride Series/Workout Series

Special Races, Group Rides, and Race Series


In progress

SISU Racing Men’s and Women’s Tours

This is a 5 stage race for the men, and 3 stage race for the women. The stages will be replicated to the Tour De France(Femmes) as best possible, just quite a bit shorter(None of us want to be racing over 100 miles a day…). Browse all upcoming races here:

Zwift Classics 2022

The Zwift Classics are curerntly underway. 7 races, 7 different race courses. Join this series for short fun races. Learn more about the series here:

Off the MAAP Series

The Off the MAAP Series is back for 2022. The series is 4 stages long, including four ‘retro unlocks’ for riders to unlock throughout the series. Learn more about the series here:

Herd Summer Racing Series

This is a 12 week racing series where your best 10 results count. The series consists of 7 different events to choose from, and your best result will count. This is a very competitive series, and uses category enforcement.

USA Legacy Tri Series

Zwift have just announced a partnership with USA Tri. Zwift will be hosting a 6 week training series leading up to the 2022 Legacy Tri on July 16th. If you complete any of the events(ride or run), you will unlock the cycling kit or running kit. USA Tri says that this is a great training program to increase fitness even if you are not participating in the IRL event.

Pride on 2022

Zwift is back with the Pride On series in June. Join to unlock the 2022 Pride kit and show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn more on what Zwift is doing to support the community on their official page:

HERD HEries/SHEries

This series is back, but this time with a Men’s version too! This will take on Tuesday’s with 4 different time zones. APAC, EMEA, AMERICA EAST, AMERICA WEST. Anyone is allowed to join this series, and expect it to be a pretty competitive series! Here is a link to more information about the series:

Giant Gravel Crushers

This series is much like the Giant Crit Crushers that took place in 2020 and 2021, but this time on gravel. This event series will give riders the opportunity to use the new Giant Revolt Advanced Pro(not in game yet, so keep your eyes peeled!), and the Liv Revolt Advanced Pro. Zwifters will also get the chance to unlock the Giant/Liv backwards cap! This is once again a race series with back to back races(likely around 30 min apart). Full details are not out yet, but I suspect that Zwift will be using their new “gravel” surface. Learn more about Zwift’s new gravel here: Link with event details coming soon…

DIRT Racing Series

The DIRT Racing Series season 2 started on the 24th of May. The series will run through June, with both a GC Classification and a team classification. The format is very similar to ZRL with points races, TT’s and more! For more information and sign-up, head over to this link: Note: It may be too late to sign up.

HERD Summer Racing League(HSRL)

The HERD Summer Racing League begins on the 1st of April and goes till the 19th of June. This series covers 12 different courses. This series features both points for finishing position and points for the fastest time on segments. Heart rate is not required and category enforcement will be used for this series. For more information on the series, head over to this link: Zwift Power league link coming soon.

ELITE Pro Series

This monthly race series is a race for you to test yourself and see how long you can hang onto the lead group. Since it is a mass start race, everyone will be trying to keep up with the A cat riders. Based on past races, the A category riders will likely hold over 30 mph for the duration of the race. Expect a very high number of attendees and a few pros in the mix! In order to sign up for this race, head over to this link:

FRR Wednesday(Hump Day) Race Series

FRR have just announced their first solo race series, and their first race series that is available to all riders(available to sign up through companion app. This race series is a 6 event series with your best 4 results counting as your GC position. You will need a FRR account to count in the official results on the flammerougeracing website. For more information, head over to their website:

The HERD “Climbers Gambit”

This is another race series put on by HERD. The race series uses category enforcement, and only your segment time for the timed segment counts(i,e: Volcano Climb After Party, only the Volcano KOM time would count). More details are available on the HERD facebook page:

Regular Race Series

Zwift NL Points Racing League

This is a 6 week series that takes place every Tuesday. The race is open to all Zwifters to join, and there will be a general classification for the series. For more information on the series, head over to this link:

HERD Bullseye Points Race

The HERD Bullseye points race series is one of the most popular point based Zwift races. The top 50 riders at the end of each lap will get points(50,49,48, and so on). It is a series of 9 races and category enforcement is enabled. Zwift Power league:

TFC Mad Monday

The TFC Mad Monday Series continues, I don’t think it is too late to sign up. They host a few different time zones and it’s one of the largest race series outside of Zwift Racing League. TFC also uses a different categorization system than most Zwift races, with an upper category and lower category(ex: C-, C+). Sign up and complete details are available here:

Zwift Racing League Season 3 2022

Zwift Racing League also starts up again on the 5th of April. I’m not too familiar with this event anymore but it is known as the largest race series open to all members of the community(except rider under the age of 16 :|). Zwift Insider has a great article with more details:

Electric Spirit Co. Aperitivi Series

This is a very popular race series for those who participate in Zwift Racing League. Each week this race series will be on the upcoming ZRL route, giving riders the chance to know the course. It is a 7 week series and your best 5 results count. Your results will be based off of your finishing place(there are no primes/segments). There are also typically good Zwift Power rank points up for grab as it is a mass start race. For full details head over to this link:

Midweek Series by SZ

Similar to the TFC Mad Monday series, riders will be categorized with a high end and low end of each category. This is a highly competitive series, so expect a fast paced race! For more information on the series(and sign up), head over to this link:

Zwift Running League

Zwift running league is coming up soon! For those of you runners who are interested, head over to this link: I participated in this event last year, it was great and I would highly recommend it to other runners.

Zwift Duathlon League

Zwift Duathlon League returns on the 6th of June. The league is a 35 minute time trial(see how far you can get!) then a 10 minute transition followed by a 15 minute run. For complete details and sign up, head over to this link:

The HERD Stampede (iTT) Series

HERD runs a weekly series featuring Zwift’s iTT time trial module, where each rider gets a different start time(like a true IRL time trial). Points are awarded for each weeks race based upon your first result of the week. The series began on March 6th, and uses category enforcement. Complete details can be found here:

Group rides/workouts

None currently


Zwift Insider Rebel Race Series

The Zwift Insider Rebel Race Series started on the 7th of May, and goes through mid-June. This will likely be one of the more compeitive race series for the next few months as most riders are riding outside because of the warmer weather. Complete any of these races to unlock the official Zwift Insider kit! More details are available here:

Sportsolid Womens Tour

This is a short 4 stage tour for women only. The categorization is normal with the standard A,B,C, and D. There is also a league where points can be earned each race that go towards the league. For more information, head over to this link: Zwift Power league:

Here is where you can find some of the major event series that have passed…

Chasing Yellow TDF Series

The goal of this ride series is to bring riders together to ride while watching the Tour De France. The rides will start around an hour after the start of the race, so you can ride while the race aires on TV. Browse all upcoming races in the Chasing Yellow series here:

Global Bike Festival

Presented by Global Cycling Network and Global Mountain Bike Network, this series features rides with loads of special guests including GCN presenters! The series begins on the 6th of April and goes through June. Event sign up is available here:

Garmin Unbound Gravel Series

The Gamin Unbound Gravel series is starting up soon, featuring group workouts and recovery rides by Garmin. The series is eight weeks long to celebrate Zwift being the official online training partner of the UNBOUND gravel event. More details can be found here:

Sub 7/Sub 8

On the 5th of June, professional triathletes will gather from around the world to attempt to break the 7 and 8 hour barrier for the full distance triathlon(140.6). Zwift is also the indoor training partner of the event, so they will be hosting a series of time trials and drafting races(both riding and running) where you can unlock the sub 7 or sub 8 in game kit/shirt. Learn more about their mission here: For a list of sub 7 events: For a list of sub 8 events:

Toyota Tour De Virtual eCycling Tournament

This race series is for the Toyota Cryo RDT team to find their new members! Community riders will be invited to race and compete for the top spot. Cryo RDT will be leading group rides open to the community, You will need to sign up in order to join the competitive race:

Herd Winter Racing League

The HERD Winter Racing league started back in September, and goes through the winter and into some of the spring. The series consists of 28 races that are mass start(category E). These races tend to also be a great opportunity for some Zwift Power points. Here is a link to the Zwift Power league: For a list of the upcoming events, head over to this link:

Arena Games Race Series/Workout Series

This series start in March and goes through most of April. The Arena Games Series is a warm up workout followed by a sprint race on 4 laps of the Downtown Dolphin. Expect a fast first and last lap, with some rest on the laps in between. Learn more about the series here: For a complete list of events and sign up, head over to this link:

Rhino Racing Safari Series

This series started on the 15th of March and ends on the 4th of April. This is a similar series to the Zwift Racing Leagues in the sense that they both have team classficiations and use a points system. Rhino Racing has become pretty well known from their Rhino Crash Chase Race that takes place every Sunday, so expect a pretty big a competitive race. More information is available here:

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