The Uber Pretzel // I lived to tell the tale

Background information

This weekend, as my sister and I’s combined birthday ride(our birthdays are a week apart), we decided we would do the Uber Pretzel. Neither of us had the route achievement, and it would be both of our distance records. We estimated that the ride would take us about 6 hours, and ended up finishing just about 30 minutes before out estimate.

What happened?

The route first went up the Epic KOM, which was a pretty long climb. We held around 3-3.5 wpk, but once we crested the top of the bonus climb, I was beginning to feel it in my legs already. We then headed into the jungle, we took the first part easy, then pushed on the uphill part to get back to the main area. We then went up the Volcano KOM, it took around 10 minutes, and by then we were both getting a bit tired. Before heading to the desert flats, we hit the Watopia sprint reverse. It was a Saturday morning, which meant lots of people were riding, so more draft. The desert went by pretty quick, after the desert we went up the Watopia KOM reverse, which at that point we were both tired, and took it pretty easy. We then did the desert again, this time in the opposite direction. We then made our way to the alpe, we both agreed we would be going easy, and at the start of the climb we were both dead. The first 10 turns went by very slow, but towards the end we were able to push a quicker pace. We accomplished our goal of completing the ride, and we did in 30 minutes less than we expected!


Nutrition and hydrating is extremely important for this route, be sure not to go out too hard, and push where it counts most, the climbs.


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1 year ago

To do the Uber Pretzel with an average of 80 watts in 5h43min, you’d have to weigh around 48lbs, according to bestbikesplit.

Reply to  gaizka

Hi, I actually weigh 73 lbs. I don’t think bestbikesplit includes draft, bike switches, and other things like that. I am an honest zwifter, and if you divide my watts in the screenshots by my wpk, it checks out to my proper weight.


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