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Three Little Sisters Zwift Details

This route originally started as a Rebel Route, and will now be an event only route badge. This route is included in the upcoming Tour of Watopia, so currently that is the only easy way to get the badge. You can also use the Zwift Hacks tools to get onto the route. This route is pretty similar to Legends and Lava, but in a different order. The route will first tackle the Hilly KOM, Titan’s Grove KOM, and finally finishing on the Volcano KOM. The best bike for this route will likely be an all-arounder frame with either a the DT Swiss disc or the Zipp 858’s.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – N/A

Distance – 23.4 miles/37.7 kilometers

Elevation – 1427ft/435m

How to Access

The only way to access this route right now is to use the Zwift Hacks Zwift Prefs tool. For a quick video on how to use it, head over to this video.

Video recording

Coming soon

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