Tonal at home weight machine

     We recently got the tonal smart weight machine and I have been testing it out for over a week now. Here are my thoughts! The touch screen included is very responsive and it is very quick to react. One thing that really stood out to me was how little room it took up. You can fold the arms in really easily so that is does that take up any space on the floor, just the screen and the bench. Creating an account through the tonal system was also really easy, though you have to be over 15 to have an account. It also links to strava. The build itself is very good quality and is very sturdy. The one thing that does bother me is when you are trying to move the arms around, the lever sometimes gets \”stuck\” preventing you from moving it which is very frustrating because I can\’t figure out what is wrong. (Update, turns out I just wasn\’t pulling hard enough 🙂  )

This post will be updated shortly with images. Please check back soon and check out my other posts. Any questions leave a comment below! Ride On!

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