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Top strategies for getting the tron

     In this article I will write about the best strategies in my opinion for getting the tron. There are many different ways people try to get the tron, some go up the alpe, and some do other mountains. In this article you will read about my strategy and other strategies that I have heard of.

    My strategy was to go up the epic KOM almost everyday. Starting in around March I began climbing the epic KOM every single day. On hard days I would add the bonus climb in and on easier days I would just do a slower paced ride without the bonus climb. I think I could have gotten the tron a lot faster if the update with the removal of the weight limit came out before I started going for the tron. For the first few weeks I climbed about 1,500ft a day, but onto the second month I began climbing slightly more. For the final two weeks I climbed 2,000ft a day. I found that this strategy is a pretty easy one so I would probably say that if you are a beginner who really wants the tron, I would tell them to do this strategy.

    Another strategy I saw another kid do was he did alpe du zwift almost everyday until he got the tron. This got him the tron super fast because every alpe is around 2% of the everest challenge. For the last few days he even climbed alpe du zwift two times, he ended up getting the tron in a few months at most.

    The final strategy I am going to share is where you just do whatever you want till you are pretty close to the tron. A lot of people just free ride wherever they want and they don\’t even know that they are close to the tron. This is what I am telling my sibling to do because I feel like it is a much better strategy than mine. For mine I missed a ton of cool events because I was too caught up trying to get the tron.

    I hope this article was helpful! Good luck to all of you who are going for the tron! One more quick strategy, doing workouts up the alpe. Thanks for reading! If you have anymore strategies you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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