Tour De Zwift 2023

Details are now out for the Tour De Zwift 2023 series! For the past few years, Zwift has been running the annual Tour De Zwift series. This is by far the most popular tour on Zwift for a few reasons. Firstly, it happens during peak Zwift season. Secondly, it is extremely well-known amongst the Zwift community. Here are all of the known details for this upcoming tour.

Prefer to Watch?

As usual, there will be both a running and cycling version of this series. Zwift will also be offering a few different length options to make sure the event is as inclusive as possible. This year’s Tour De Zwift begins on the 9th of January and ends on the 13th of February. This year’s event will also follow the same 8 stage format as years previous.

An image from Zwift’s press release showing the Tour De Zwift ride ons, kit, backwards cap, and socks
What’s New

Recently, Zwift tours have become more advanced in a few different ways. The Tour of Makuri Islands saw the first implementation of on-demand tours. Like previous tours, participants will be able to Zwift has also made changes to the Ride-On function for this tour. Ride-On bombs will be available for riders to give Ride-Ons throughout the events. This is a big feature because many of the Tour De Zwift events host over 5000 riders. Zwift’s RoboPacers will also be in the events to lead the events. There will be various leaders, but only one will have the leaders beacon. This is something that Zwift has tested with some events in the past.

Like past years, riders will be able to purchase the IRL jersey to match their virtual avatar. This year, the jersey is made by Pedal Mafia.


Here are the stages for this year’s Tour De Zwift. The courses are in the following order. [theme][longer course][standard course][short course]

Stage 1 – Jan 9-12: Yorkshire // Royal Pump Room 8, Tour of Tewit Well x2, Harrogate Circuit Reverse

Stage 2 Jan 13-15: Richmond // Richmond UCI Reverse x3, 2015 UCI Worlds Course x2, The Fan Flats x3

Stage 3 Jan 16-19: France // La Reine, Douce France, Champs Elysees x2

Stage 4 Jan 20-22: London // Surrey Hills, Greatest London Loop Reverse, London Loop

Stage 5 Jan 23-26: New York // Everything Bagel, Knickerbocker Reverse, Gotham Grind

Stage 6 Jan 27-29: Watopia // Three Sisters, Climber’s Gambit, Watopia’s Waistband

Stage 7 Jan 30-Feb 2: Makuri Islands // Makuri 40, Island Outskirts x2, Flatland Loop

Stage 8 Feb 3-5: Scotland/Glasgow *NEW // Rolling Highlands x3, Rolling Highlands x2, Rolling Highlands

Make-up is available from February 6th-12th.


As with all Zwift tours, there will be unlocks available. Like usual, there will be a few different unlocks that will be unlockable with the completion of a certain percentage of the series. This years event features a backwards cap, socks, and a kit, all TDZ themed.

Not a Race

Note: Zwift does not explicitly advertise this event as a race, but many riders do choose to race this event. For the riders who are looking to just chill and spin, starting fast will still allow you to grab a solid position because packs tend to settle down after a bit.

Sign Up

Registration for this event opens on the 20th of December. For complete details on this event series, head over to this web page: