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Tour of Makuri Islands Announced

Zwift has just announced the all new Tour of Makuri Islands. This series will feature all new routes, roads, and some awesome unlocks. Zwift is also making this tour available on-demand, which is something that we have never seen before! Let’s dig into the details.

The tour begins on the 3rd of November and ends on the 30th of November. The series consists of 6 stages, with make-ups throughout the final five days of the tour. Riders will have 2-3 days to complete each stage, with both a longer and shorter distance available for the live events.

Available On Demand

This is something that we have never seen in a series like this. According to Zwift, riders can complete the route needed for each stage and receive credit towards the tours. This makes the tour a lot more flexible for time-crunched Zwifters.

Run Version

The tour is also available for runners. Runners will have the same 6 stage format and stages 5 and 6 will include new Urukazi running routes. The distances of the runs vary from around 2-6 miles depending on which distance is selected. Just like cycling, there will be both a shorter and longer run.


More details about Urukazi were released in this announcement. We now know where Urukazi is relative to Yumezi. It appears that Urukazi will likely be above Neokyo. Further speculation is available in this separate article:

In order to sign up, Zwifters can head over to Zwift’s page:

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