Tour4kids announced

 Starting this October will be a 8 stage 4 week race! This will begin on the third of October. This is being organized by Paul Vriesman and Oliver Chi. To be invited, follow Paul and leave a comment on his ride. These events will be happening at 8:30 am Pacific time. Here are the points classifications and Stages and other things. The races will be at 8:30am Pacific and they will be on Saturday and Sundays.

Stage 1: Hilly route-20km-200m

Stage 2: R.G.V-25km-150m

Stage 3: Ven-Top-25km-1550m

Stage 4: Tempus Fugit-35km-50m

Stage 5: 2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap-25km-500m

Stage 6: Alpe du Zwift-Road to Sky-19.9km-1144m

Stage 7: The Fan Flats-10km-50m-TT

Stage 8: Champs-Élysées-25km-100m

Throughout the race you will be able to accumulate points. The rider with the most KOM points will be the winner for the KOM jersey. The rider with the most sprint points will be the winner of the Sprint.

Sprint points guide:

1st: 50 pts

2nd: 30 pts

3rd: 20 pts

4th: 18 pts

5th: 16 pts

6th: 14 pts

7th: 12 pts

8th: 10 pts

9th: 8 pts

10th: 7 pts

Mountain points guide:

1st: 10 pts

2nd: 6 pts

3rd: 4 pts

Just like the TDF the ride. The rider who takes the least amount of time to finish the entire series is the winner. I will be posting a spreadsheet of the times and current winner and all the results will be on a spreadsheet that will be posted here. All kids are welcome. Must be ages 15 and below to enter the race. You must be following Paul Vriesman in order to be invited. This is a race! You may work together with your teammates or friends. I will be posting a discord link for the race series. Enjoy! The winner will receive the title on their name, T4KCHAMP.

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