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Tour4Kids Stages 1 & 2 Recap

The first two stages of Tour4Kids happened this weekend. We had over 70 sign ups and over 20 riders in each stage. Here is a recap of what happened.

Stage 1

Stage 1 took place over one lap of Turf n Surf, a route that pretty much no one has raced before. This made the experience a lot more interesting because riders had to think about when they were going to use and save their energy. Paul Vriesman and Eric Reis had a very well-planned breakaway that eventually went on to win the race. Nobody could match their powerful ~30-45 second sprint, except Josh Tyers, who is an Ontario District Champion. The trio took pulls to keep the chasers from catching and ended up being successful. Eric edged out Paul to take the stage win. However, Josh vanished from the race with a few k’s to go due to technical difficulties. You can view the entire race from my live stream.

Stage 2

Stage 2 took riders around 8 laps of the Bell Lap in Crit City. This was a very exciting race with points available for the first to riders over the line on the KOM. Again, there was a very successful breakaway after around 1-2 laps of racing. Paul, Eric, Frederik Rosing-Schow, and Josh. They kept the pace extremely high and were able to fend off the large group of chasers. Paul went solo from the final KOM and held on until the finish.

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