The #1 event for kids on Zwift

Learn all about the iconic Tour4Kids. The Tour embarks November 11th

Alpe Du Zwift Peak

Tour4Kids Special Guest Social

This year, we will be hosting the best Tour4Kids we’ve ever hosted before—featuring a special guest ride to start the tour! This will be a 45 minute social group ride where riders can get to know each other while asking our special guest questions. Stay tuned for the special guest announcement!

Stage 1 – Glasgow Crit Course // Scotland

The opening stage of the 2023 Tour4Kids follows the same course that the 2023 UCI World Championships tackled.

Stage 2 – Lutcher // Innbruck

As the first mountain stage of the tour, riders will be riding up the tough climbs of Innsbruck.

Stage 3 – Cobbled Climbs // Richmond

The second stage of the tour tackles the Cobbled Climbs course in Richmond – another very punchy and exciting route.

Stage 4 – Bologna iTT Course

While it may be just shy of 10 kilometers in length, this time trial is no-joke. Riders will tackle an extremely steep climb to the finish of the stage.

Stage 5 – Mountain Route // Watopia

Before we head to Paris to finish off the tour, there will be one last major chance for riders to make up time in the GC. Best of luck!

Stage 6 – Champs Elysees // Paris

It’s not Tour4kids without the classic Champs Elysees finish. Join us for one final ride of the Tour.


Stages will be taking place on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 8:30 AM PDT // 3:30 PM UTC // 5:30 PM CEST. Note: You do not need to race these events, feel free to come and chill and enjoy the company of other young Zwifters!

Special Guest Ride: November 11th

Stage 1: November 18th

Stage 2: November 19th

Stage 3: November 25th

Stage 4: November 26th

Stage 5: December 2nd

Stage 6: December 3rd


Yep, we’ve got prizes! The winner of the 2023 Tour4Kids (GC) will take home a pair of Zwift Play Controllers! This device allows Zwifters to level up their set up and it introduces a whole new dimension to Zwift. Additionally, one random rider will be selected to win a prize. All riders who complete 2 or more stages of the Tour will automatically be entered to win.

Sign Up

All you have to do to sign-up is click the “Sign Up” button on each of the event cards above. If you want a more direct place to find these links, head over to this Google Document where all of the event links will be stored:

General Classification

The general classification (GC) is time-based. Your time from each stage will add up to form your final time. If you miss a stage, you will receive the time of last place + 1 minute.


Sprint and KOM Points guide:

1st: 10 pts

2nd: 9 pts

3rd: 8 pts

4th: 7 pts

5th: 6 pts

6th: 5 pts

7th: 4 pts

8th: 3 pts

9th: 2 pts

10th: 1 pt


Results will be released within 24 hours of the event finishing. The use of a HRM (Heart rate monitor) is not mandatory and the use of ZPower is permitted. Make sure to have fun and keep this a friendly and welcoming race. Cheating and bad sportsmanship is not tolerated. To participate you must be 17 or under. Standings will be posted on a separate post that will be released a few days before the event.

With that you should be all set and ready to go. Enjoy the race!If you are looking for a supportive, fun, and well-organized team. I highly recommend joining Bikely Youth Team on Zwift Power: