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Training on Zwift

Workouts and Training on Zwift

Training for a race/event on Zwift? Zwift has hundreds of pre made workouts waiting for you to select. Zwift has workouts for all sorts of events you could be training for. From gravel races to triathlons, Zwift has it all.          

To select a workout in Zwift you will need to either pause your ride by clicking menu in the lower left corner. If you haven’t started riding yet you will need to select training on the home screen where you select what route you want to go on. Then you can either choose a training plan under the training plan section/category, or you could go under the normal workouts and scroll through them until you find some training plans.          

What’s the difference?

The training plans under the training plan have specific due dates and days you have to do the workout, if you have a lot of time to ride these would be great for you. The workouts under the workouts category don’t have a specific due date or day you need to do it, you can do any of the workouts at anytime. These would be good if you don’t have lots of time, but you still want to feel like you did a workout. Many athletes feel like if they do not do a workout they did not get stronger. Zwift has many short workouts that are only 30 minutes to an hour.  

Have your own coach?

Many athletes on Zwift have their own coach who designs workouts for them to do. Zwift has a section under workouts that says “custom workouts” you can design your own or your coaches workouts there. You can also design workouts just for you to ride anytime.          

When you are doing a workout in Zwift you will still get XP depending on how hard and how long you are doing the workout. You will recieve XP after every part of your workout. Many athletes decide to take advantage of the fact that you go slower up a climb so they do a workout up climbs so that they still lots of XP. Don’t know what XP does? Visit our blog and read the article.

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[…] Training On Zwift […]


[…] Training On Zwift […]

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