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Unlock Zwift Pizza Socks on March 14th and May 20th!

Update May 18th: Zwift will be hosting group rides and group runs for National Pizza Party Day. If you weren’t able to unlock the pizza socks on Pi Day, here is another opportunity for the socks to be unlocked. The routes will be the same as the previous events, Park Perimeter Loop. To browse all upcoming National Pizza Party Day rides/runs, head to this link:

Zwift is giving riders another chance to unlock the pizza socks that were used for the 10,000 calories back in 2020. The socks will be unlocked in these rides/runs for Pi Day. These are short rides/runs every 4 hours on the 14th of March(Pi Day).

The ride will take place on 1 lap of Park Perimeter Loop(appoximately 6 miles, 10km), more route details can be found on this post:

Pizza socks

The run will take place on 1 lap of Laguardia Loop(2.6 miles,4.4km). More route details can be found on this Zwift Insider post:

For a complete list of events, head over to this link:

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