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Update for Mountain Monday\’s and flat fridays *Important*

    I have just started changing around the times for mountain monday and flat fridays. Due to school we cannot resume these times. Right now both events are at 8:30 am our time, which is 20 minutes before we start school. Also note that we will be on vacation from the 13th to the 17th. Mountain mondays will resume on the 21st. The updated time for flat friday will be 7:30am, which is 1 hour earlier than current time of flat friday. Just so you guys now I am in California so the time may not work for you. The updated time for mountain monday will be at 3:00pm my time. The mountain monday time may change depending on school but I will keep you all posted on what is going to happen. It will either start at 3pm or around 3:30pm. 

    Events will resume on the 21st. All events that are happening in the next week are still gonna happen.

    New mountain monday time will be at 3:00pm my time, please note that the time may vary depending on my classes and school.

    New flat friday time is one hour earlier than it used to be. These updated times may work better or worse depending on where you live. Please remember that I am doing the best I can to keep these events going. The flat friday time will be at 7:30am California time.

    Thanks you all for joining mountain monday and flat friday. #flatfriday#mountainmonday. Ride On!
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