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Updates on Zwift Academy // New Wahoo Training Platform // Zwift Companion Update // Zwift Maintenance Planned

Updates on Zwift Academy

Zwift has recently released some new information about Zwift Academy that was not clear before. Something many Zwifters were confused about was why their second recovery ride did not count. Zwift has just stated that there are two different recovery rides, and you have to do two of each. There will also be a make up week when you will be able to redo any of the stages that you missed, baseline rides or the first recovery rides. Zwift academy Run is also about to start! If you need more information that, head over to this post:

New Wahoo Training Platform

Today Wahoo announced a new training platform, which replaces sufferfest which they bought a while back. This training platform has a lot of new things that were added/changed. I do not know much about the new training platforms, but here are some articles and a GCN video about it. The platform is called Wahoo Systm.

Zwift Companion Update

This update was released a few days ago, it is out on all platforms right now and it is supposed to fix an Apple TV issue. This was when riders were trying to use Zwift Companion to bridge Apple TV and their trainer. The update model is 3.28.1. This is a link to the forums post with the issue:

Planned Zwift Maintenance

Zwift will be updating their servers on Thursday September 30th, riders will still be able to ride, and do everything regularly, unless you are running version 1.15 or below, meaning it will have an affect on riders running version 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, etc. Here is a forums post with the details on what issues you might be experiencing. If you are on the latest version and still experiencing issues, your issue is likely not related to the maintenance.

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