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USMES Sub 2 Hour 100km

It’s back! USMES is hosting another sub 2 hour 100km attempt. In the last one, riders fell a few minutes short from the goal. However, that does not stop these riders from trying again. This time, on a flat course with the best set up in game, it definitely appears to be possible.

Riders will be kitted out with the Cadex TT bike and Zipp 858 Disc wheelset. For the event, Zwift will be enabling draft, so riders can draft each other ON TT BIKES!!! This will make the speeds much higher, making this goal achievable. Despite this, a big effort and good teamwork will still be required in order to achieve their goal. Note: double draft will also be enabled. As opposed to last time, there will be three different categories. This will help riders achieve fast times even if they are not going for sub 2 hours. There will be leaders helping to pace riders, just like a marathon!

Cat A = Anyone can join but this is for Cat A+ and A they will be going for sub 2 hours, 31mph + / 4.2+ WKG

Cat B = Anyone can join this but this is really for Cat B’s and high C’s they will be going for 2.10 to 2.05, 29mph – 30mph 3.2 – 4.2 WKG

Cat E = Everyone else, this is for C’s and D’s they will be going for 2.30 to 2.15, 25mph – 27mph

This is looking like a very fun event, and if you are looking for a way to burn off those holiday calories, this is a good opportunity. It also falls towards the end of the Rapha Festive 500, so it is a good opportunity to get some more mileage in.

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