Vox Women\’s Tour 2021 Announced

     I briefly covered this event in my weekly update post just earlier this week but here is some more information with links to sign up, and more! This event starts on the 3rd of May. These events have been going on for 2 years, this will be the third. Previously, they have all been women only events, these events will still be women only but there is also a category that both men and women can enter! This gives men the opportunity to participate in these events.

    The series consists of 3 different workouts each designed by a professional athlete/cyclist. There will also be recovery rides throughout the week every 3 hours of the day. The recovery rides are 45 minutes long and will have an occasional special guest. The rides are paced at 1.5-2wpk. The workouts are designed by Tanja Erath, Lauren Kitchen, and Ella Harris. Zwift says that these workouts will improve riders climbing, sprinting, and time trialing.

    If you complete any of the stages, workout or recovery ride, you will get to keep the new Vox Tour kit! Vox Women will also be releasing a post on the inside line by signing up to their news letter. Here is the link to their official website: https://www.voxwomen.com/. Here is the link to sign up for their official events on Zwift (Zwift has not set up a page dedicated to this event yet but here is just the link to sign up for one of their events: https://www.zwift.com/events/view/2040994). An updated link to a page with all of the events:https://www.zwift.com/events/series/voxwomen-tour-2021.

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