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Wahoo Powrlink Zero Pedals Details Leaked


REI has just put up their listing for the new Wahoo Powerlink Pedals that have been rumoured for awhile now. These are pretty much the current Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals with a power meter built into it. Like most pedal based power meters right now, there is a light up ring that connects with the crank. Based off of the listing, the Wahoo pedals will require calibration and a guided set up through the Wahoo Fitness app. Keep an eye out for an official listing from Wahoo here: Compared to other pedals like the Favero Assioma Duo, they are significantly more expensive, so they are in between the Favero Assioma Duos and the Garmin Vectors 3s.


Here are the specs for these new pedals:

Price – $900 USD Cheaper than the Garmin Vectors, more expensive than the Favero Assioma Duo

Weight – 276 g

Accuracy – +-1% Same accuracy of most power pedals these days

Battery life – 75 hours Less than Garmin Vectors, quite a bit more than the Favero Assiomas

In the box – 2 pedals, cleats, charging cables

Connectivity – Bluetooth, Ant+ Nothing special connectivity wise

Features: Dual sided power meter pedals with left and right power, tracks power, cadence. Same as most power pedals these days


Here is a link to the REI listing where details were found: Also a link to a slowtwitch forum thread about this: Keep an eye out for full details being released soon!

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