Wahoo Rollr Released

Here is a quick overview of the new Wahoo Rollr. The Wahoo Rollr was seen a couple months ago at an event warm up tent. Wahoo has now published a page for the new Wahoo Rollr. In my opinion, the Wahoo Rollr isn’t the best deal. Based off of the listing, it does not track power, so you have to pair it to a separate power meter in order to use it with an app like Zwift. It does have the ability to control resistance. Wahoo claims that the Wahoo Rollr has a +- 1% accuracy when paired to the Wahoo Powrlink Pedals(which makes sense because that is the accuracy of the pedals.) The main use of the Wahoo Rollr seems to be for the riders who want to bring Rollers to a race for warm up, cool down, etc.

For complete details on the Wahoo Rollr head over to this link: https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/indoor-cycling/bike-trainers/kickr-rollr-buy.

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