Watopia Cup Zwift Classics Recon // Two Bridges Loop


Week two of the Zwift classics takes riders around the Two Bridges Loop course in Watopia. This is a pretty short course added in the December 2020 game release.

The Course

On this course, riders will race 3 laps of Two Bridges Loop course. It is a pretty straight forward course, but a brutal finish and climb each lap. Riders will first go through the banner arch where they will receive a power up. There will be a slight incline, but don’t expect any attacks or anything like that.

Riders will then go through the Esses Reverse, a set of rollers followed by a sprint. Before hitting the sprint, riders will hit a slight incline, then a short descent towards to the sprint. Don’t too much about the sprint as there are no points at the arch. Use it as an opportunity to get a better power up, or a new one if you have not already used it.

With 1.3 miles remaining in the lap/course, riders will go up a short steep climb, the start of the Zwift KOM. The short steep bit has an average gradient of around 6%, peaking at 10%. Expect attacks every lap on this course, especially on the final lap. Riders will then make a turn to the Zwift KOM bypass, heading down the KOM towards the downtown banner.

Bike Choice

The best bike choice for this route will be either the Tron or the Venge with the DT Swiss disc wheelset. There is not much difference between the two, and choosing a lightweight bike will not make much of a difference on the uphill finish, so Aero/All-arounder rules this course.

Time estimates

Note that these are just rough estimates of the times, as the times will ultimately depend on pack size and how competitive the group is.

A: 28 Minutes

B: 30 Minutes

C: 32 Minutes

D: 35 Minutes


Learn more about the Zwift classics series by heading to this page: https://zracecentral.com/zwift-classics-2022-announced/.

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