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Watopia Sprint Series Details

    The Watopia Sprint Series is here! Riders will battle it out on one of Zwift’s best worlds, Watopia. This is a series of sprint races, each 10km-10mi long. We will have an overall leaderboard but no sprint or KOM points. All of the stages will take place in Watopia, they will be short races such as Flat Route, Hilly route, Hilly route reverse, Volcano Circuit, and more! This event is for riders who are in the U15 category. Rules are coming out shortly and stage details and dates are coming within the next few days. This is meant to be an inclusive event. The races will take place on Saturdays at 8:30am my time/the same time that Tour4kids was at, which is 8:30 am pst. Any questions or comments, just comment below! Registration opens soon. Check back soon for more information on this annual event!

This event will take place at 8:30am PST on Saturdays. There will be 4 stages beginning January 8th, 2022.


The race series goes by a points system, this is to make it easier if riders miss a stage making it hard to add to their GC time. Riders who do not participate in a stage will not receive any points, the top 50 riders to finish will get points, the ones who come in after 50th, will receive 5 points.

1st – 35

2nd – 30

3rd – 27

4th-8th – 24

9th-13th – 20

14th-20th – 18

21st-28th – 15

29th-38th – 13

39th – 46th – 10

47th-50th – 8

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