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Wednesday Morning Group Workouts

There is nothing better than starting your school day off with a short hard workout, especially in the middle of the school week, Wednesday’s. Each week I will be hosting a meetup for kids ages 15 under to join and a short workout, I will announce the workout at the start, we will have keep together mode on so that we are all suffering together. The rides will be at 7:30 am PST, which is around 3:30pm for the UK. The workouts will be around 20-30 minutes at the max. BYT riders will be invited by default. If you want in and are not on BYT(I highly recommend joining), just leave a comment on one of my rides or fill out this form below and make sure you are following me, and you will be invited. These rides will be weekly. so don’t worry if you miss out one week. Feel free to join and just free ride, or join in on the workout! Here is sign up form.

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