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Weekly Zwift Update 1

     This is the first weekly Zwift update that I have done. In this post you will find feature updates, Zwift/Cycling related news that has happened recently in the past week or so, a quick Zwift tip, feature updates, and lastly a short update on what has been happening with me. Basically like if I did anything interesting or if anything interesting happened to me that is Zwift related you will find it in this post. So it is kind of a 3 in 1 post. These posts will be released every Monday, whenever I get around to publishing. There will still be posts almost everyday but this one will be the biggest of all of them. If there was a Zwift update there will also be a quick summary of it. Tour4kids also just started this weekend and there is a post with a recap and video from that on a post coming soon.

Zwift/Cycling news

Zwift\’s womens celebration series has just kicked off this week. This event is to celebrate Womens History Month. These rides are group rides paced at 1.5-2 and you can unlock the kit if you complete ANY of the rides! There will also be a Ven-Top challenge for those who dare to take on the largest climb in Zwift. 

Season 2 of ZRL (Zwift Racing League) wrapped up on Tuesday! The Men\’s and Women\’s premier division winners have not been announced yet because the top 2 teams in each division and category will race in the playoffs to determine which A teams move up to premier division and which B,C, and D teams will be declared the winner\’s of season 2. Note: Only the top 2 division 1 teams will be invited to the playoffs.

Canyon ends contact with rider philip diegner because of cheating in zwift. Zwift has also banned the rider until July 24th because he edited the data coming from his power meter. The increase from his actual power was 2%. That does not seem like a lot to most but in the world of Esports it is a lot.


Earlier this week Zwift said that they will be expanding the Zwift structured workouts. A few things that they have said that are coming are, weekly workouts, one will be released each Wednesday and it will be around 30-45 minutes long. It should be released in about 2 months if everything goes as planned. They are also working on training plan flexibility and making sure that all training plans start on a Monday, rather than midweek or at the end of the week. There is no much information about training plan flexibility but it could be like something that trainerroad released a bit ago. Zwift also says that they will be adding a lot more to the structured workouts and there will be new workout related things in every update for a bit. Training plan flexibility could come as soon as March but I wouldn\’t get your hopes up. Structured workouts is a big reason why people still use trainerroad, rather than Zwift. Trainerroad has tons of training plans and has a good reputation for helping riders have a significant increase in FTP.

One of the workout\’s recently added

Zwift tip of the week

Here is the Zwift tip of the week! This weeks tip is around drafting. When you are racing in Zwift one tip that will help your performance in races is to use the draft to your advantage. If the course that you are riding is relatively flat, it is unlikely that a rider would try to attack and be successful, so you do not need to be in the front. I recommend just sitting in and doing as little watts as possible while still staying in the middle or back of the group. This will help you have more energy to attack or sprint. If you are a light rider, on the downhill you should definitely pedal because if you get dropped the race is over and it will be really hard to catch back up. Using the draft can lead to better race performance! I hope you found this tip interesting and enjoy the rest of the article!

Enjoying the draft while other riders grind at the front

The Me section

Just last week on Tuesday I wrapped up my first ever Zwift Racing League season. I joined on the second race so I technically did not do the whole season but I did 90 percent of the races. Racing C in Zwift Racing League is a lot different from just any other race. Zwift Racing League is usually made up of the best C riders. On the last race our team did amazing and we finished 7th overall in our division and category! Zwift Racing League was an amazing experience and I cannot wait for the next season! I highly recommend finding and team and competing in Zwift Racing League!

Finishing up the season with a TTT

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