Getting Started

        Are you looking for some supplies for Zwift? Who knows what you need for Zwift but you will know if you keep on reading! So stay tuned to find out!

        Trainers are sometimes harder because you have to know what size wheel you have. To even do Zwift you have to have a tablet , TV, computer, or a phone. Most devices are compatible with Zwift and you can download the app for free. For more info go to

        Don\’t have a trainer yet? Trainers can cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars, depending on what kind of trainer you get. There are a couple kinds of different kinds of trainers. “Dumb” trainers, direct drive trainers, and wheel on smart trainers. In order to use a dumb trainer you must first buy one, then you either need a speed/cadence sensor or a power meter. Direct drive trainers only require you to have one wheel on the trainer. Smart wheel on trainers are pretty much dumb trainers but you can feel the hills and you don’t need a sensor. Direct drive trainers tend to cost the most at around $600.

        Many cyclist recommendation is that you either get a fan or open a window of garage door to keep you cool. Another thing I recommend is having one or two water bottles to prevent dehydration.  

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