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What’s Next For Zwift Clubs?

Zwift clubs is just getting started, Eddy Lee, the one managing a lot of of the clubs stuff, has posted some information on the forums of what is next. Looking for information on the clubs feature in general? Head to this article: Here are the changes that might be made in the coming few months with some comments from me. Here is the post from the forums:

What can you expect next release?

  • Team has been out from the holidays and will have no significant updates in the January release
  • Focus on rolling out Clubs to ALL users Currently at around 40% of users have the feature, it is by devices, so some devices may have it, and some will not

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Push notifications when a new club event is created
  • Push notifications when there is a new club chat
  • Ability to discover and join a club

Club Management

  • Push notifications with club events – In Progress Helpful to help get the word out about events
  • Push notifications with club chat – In Progress If Zwift enables this, then larger clubs will likely get annoyed if people are constantly chatting…
  • Enable moderators to create, edit and delete club events – In Progress
  • Ability to search and join a club – In Progress Helpful for club discovery for riders who aren’t too familiar with Zwift group rides
  • Push notifications with club announcements – Backlog Seems more important than having notifications on club chat
  • Sharing a club via link on web – Backlog
  • Ability for non ZC users to join a club – Backlog
  • Links in club chat to be clickable – Discovery Helpful when sharing event links, and more
  • Dedicated club chat channel – Discovery
  • Having more than 100 members in a club – Discovery Helpful for the larger clubs that weren’t in the orginal beta
  • See and customize time zones for clubs – Discovery
  • Club race radio – Discovery
  • Ability to join more than 1 club – Done

Club Events Settings

  • Make event only routes available for club events – In Progress Definitely a very welcome feature, brings a lot more customizability to club events
  • Reduce the route image size on route selection – In Progress Good feature/change since it takes forever to scroll through the routes
  • Steering mode – Backlog
  • Double draft mode – Backlog Who doesn’t like double draft 😉
  • Fence mode – Backlog Probably not that helpful for smaller clubs, but for larger clubs where event links are shared to the public, the fence will be nice
  • Rubbberbanding (keeping everyone to gether) mode – Discovery

Club Event Management

  • Ability to configure more than 1 leader and sweeper for backups – Backlog Good for larger clubs and just to have a backup incase the leader cannot join
  • Remove subgroup text descriptions – Backlog In some cases this is good, and in some it is quite annoying
  • Creating recurring events – Backlog Very helpful so you don’t have to create a weekly ride over and over again every week
  • Integration with Zwift Power for club created events – Discovery Very helpful for racing, I believe there is a way to do this right now, just not easily…
  • Changing ride leader and sweeper at any time, even live during an event – Discovery Zwift doesn’t have this yet for public events, so this one will likely take awhile
  • Ability to edit subgroup start times – Discovery Helpful for chase races, and mass start races
  • Ability to hide an event from club events feed – Discovery Not sure why you would want to do that, but ok…
  • Ability to delete a club event – Done

Club Event Modes

  • Group workout mode – Backlog Group workouts are something that Zwifters requested for the meetup feature, but never got.
  • Using workout library in game to create group workouts – Discovery
  • Club training plans – Discovery Wouldn’t expect this anytime soon
  • Custom club group workouts – Discovery
  • Create club races – Discovery You can kind of already do this with the clubs feature, but a lot more can be done with it(including Zwift Power integration)
  • Team time trial event mode – Discovery Wouldn’t expect this anytime soon, since they don’t even have this for current events
  • Chat with club members after event end in game – Discovery

Club Identity

  • Custom Club logo – Backlog Good for serious clubs or brands who have a Zwift club
  • Using special characters in club name – Backlog Small change, but that would allow more fun and creative names
  • Club representation in game – Discovery A welcome feature, likely would be similar to what Strava does with showing the club(s) you are part of
  • Club kits – Discovery This would be very helpful for club group rides to help get your club better known, and give your club more personality


  • Event page crashes (Android) – Discovery
  • Pre-set club images are not always loading – Discovery
  • Event attendee list showing duplicates (iOS & Android) – Backlog
  • Changing routes doesn’t update in subgroup text description of the event (Android) – Backlog
  • All worlds are listed as Watopia for run templates (Android) – Backlog
  • App crashes during event creation (Android) – Done
  • U16 being able to join (iOS & Android) – Done Very sad, but I understand why Zwift did this, and I am looking forward to changes to this one Zwift gets this figured out
  • Reports of users not getting the “join event” button (Zwift Game) – Done
  • Changing pace groups cause routes to change randomly (iOS & Android) – Done

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[…] Zwift plans to expand clubs in the coming few months. Starting with the ability to select workouts for the entire event to do, then later on a clubs discovery UI so that riders can easily find clubs. One highly requested feature is to have a custom club jersey. Zwift will eventually release a jersey selection, where club owners will be able to select a jersey from a list of jerseys. It is highly likely that this feature could be released down the road, but I wouldn’t expect it soon. The limit on how many riders, and how many clubs you can join has yet to be released, I assume the amount of riders that can belong to a club will be pretty high, as teams like HERD, DIRT, PACK, and others have thousands of riders, while the current limit is only 500 riders. For a complete article about the clubs feature, head over to this article: […]

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