Why Your Trainer Won’t Pair with Zwift // 3 Workarounds

It happens all the time. Your trainer disconnects with Zwift, resulting in frustration and an inability to complete a workout. In this article, I will be going over three possible reasons why your trainer is not pairing to Zwift. First, there are a few important things to note:

  • Trainers only last so long. If your trainer is >5 years old, there is a good chance it is worn and needs to be replaced. However, trying the things below is definitely worth a try.
  • Device compatibility: if your device is not equipped with Bluetooth or Ant + connectivity, your trainer will not work.
How to Identify the Issue

First, riders must know how to identify the issue that they are experiencing. It is important to know whether it is the app, trainer, or device that is causing the issue. Trying the following will help:

  • Try loading Zwift on another device to see if the trainer will pair. If so, it is likely either a software or device issue.
    • To determine whether it is software or device, download another indoor cycling app(preferably the app for the trainer: Tacx Training, Wahoo, Elite, etc).
1. A Recent Zwift Update Caused the Issue

Zwift updates typically happen every few weeks. Oftentimes, issues are caused by the updates. It is worth taking a look at the Zwift Forums for the issue that you are experiencing. Typically, there are pinned threads that will contain information about the timeframe for when the issue will be fixed. If there is nothing online about the issue, the issue is likely not with the platform.

2. The Trainer is Connected to Another App

Be sure to close all other apps that could be pairing to the trainer. Typically this is an issue with tablets and phones. Ensure that the app is not open on any other devices within the Bluetooth or Ant+ proximity. Note: most Wahoo trainers can be paired with multiple devices at once, but not two apps simultaneously on the same device. Tacx trainers can only pair to one other connection. The amount of connections allowed will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Reading the specifications of the trainer will clarify.

3. The Trainer is No Longer Working

Yep, it could be that the trainer is simply broken. To figure out if this is the case, it is best to provide an in-depth explanation of the issue to the support team of the trainer manufacturer. With Wahoo Support, they have been extremely responsive and kind. However, with other manufacturers, I do not have much experience.

Other Small Solutions

These may seem like basic solutions, but it is important to check these:

  • Make sure your trainer is plugged in. The trainer will not pair if it is not connected to power. Ensure that things were not accidentally unplugged.
  • Try unplugging and plugging your trainer.
  • Turn your device on and off.
  • Try using Ant+ instead of Bluetooth for those on computers
All Hope is Lost

Ha! If you are at the point where you are absolutely done with trying to figure out why your device is not pairing, please do the following:

  • Contact Zwift Support
  • Contact the support line of the trainer manufacturer
  • Leave a comment below with your trainer model, issue, and device!