Will Category Enforcement Put an End to Sand Bagging?

In the past few weeks Zwift have been testing their new Category Enforcement feature, where you will only see the categories that you fit the perameters in and above. Zwift was previously testing the auto cat feature, which did not always work, that idea was scrapped and category enforcement seems to be the better solution. Category enforcement in my opinion works really well. Especially for me, since if the race is really competitive in C, I would join C, if not I would join B. The category enforcement feature gives you to ability to race above your category, so if you fit the requirments of C, you can still join C,B, and A. So far it has been working extremely well, but is it enough to end sandbagging?

I think it will solve sand bagging, as sand bagging is when a rider in a higher category joins a lower one. But that is not the end of the racing issues in Zwift. Weight and height “doping” still remains a huge issue on Zwift. Zwift has likely ended sand bagging, but they have a few more issues to correct before the goal of fair racing is completed.

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