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Winners of Tour4Kids Edition 5

The fifth edition of Tour4Kids ended last weekend. Throughout the series, we saw lots of very strong attacks, sprints, and climbs. The GC ultimately came down to the final stage of Tour4Kids, making it an extremely exciting race series. In the end, no one was able to match the times of Paul Vriesman.

Vriesman, the co-owner of Tour4Kids was able to win both the time and points GC. Technically tying with Frederick Rosing-Schow for the points GC. As promised, there will be a live prize drawing to determine the winner of the Tour4Kids prize. There are currently ~30 riders who are in the drawing. The riders who were entered were the riders who rode 3 or more stages of the tour.

The live stream can be found here:

GC Time

RiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total Time
Paul Vriesman0:35:310:21:081:05:590:16:100:22:380:51:443:33:00
Frederik Rosing-Schow0:36:240:21:181:05:550:15:480:22:420:51:393:33:46
Eric Reis0:35:270:21:221:09:530:17:270:23:370:50:183:38:04
Noah Rye (Namdal SK) [ZU4R]0:38:410:21:581:17:450:18:170:23:361:01:034:01:20
N Galbreath0:40:500:21:581:27:520:18:430:26:241:18:134:09:12
Lars Heinrich U15 (BYT BRL)0:36:240:21:581:27:520:28:530:25:390:57:444:18:30
R Philippot-Haegel0:38:410:30:511:27:520:18:030:23:271:20:594:24:55
Julian Jones[MISSIONDEVO]0:40:280:22:001:27:520:28:530:23:371:05:334:28:23
Henry Hellman 11yrs [SZ]0:41:320:23:571:10:100:18:370:35:301:20:594:30:45
Oliver Chi0:36:240:21:581:27:520:28:530:23:051:19:594:32:06
ALBERT GOTZ0:53:160:30:511:27:520:17:320:35:300:50:324:35:33
Wojciech Jankowiak0:53:160:26:151:27:520:18:210:26:501:03:364:36:10
Max Power0:53:160:24:251:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:594:38:28
Oliver Oldham (BYT)0:40:270:30:511:27:520:15:050:35:301:20:594:50:44
J Man Pinfold(12 Years old)(BYT)0:36:180:22:001:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:594:51:32
Michael L10 [BYT]0:38:410:21:581:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:594:53:53
Tom R Everested (BYT)(U14)0:42:550:30:511:26:340:28:530:26:591:20:594:57:11
R Bav (BYT)0:36:230:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:00:28
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]0:36:250:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:00:30
V Jalving0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:05:575:02:19
JMS speed co0:46:460:26:471:27:520:28:530:31:521:20:595:03:09
Sophia Chi0:53:160:24:451:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:05:10
Samchop (BYT)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:17:510:35:301:20:595:06:19
Josh Tyers (12yrs)0:53:160:21:131:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:07:43
Katie Cheong U150:53:160:26:411:27:520:23:450:35:301:20:595:08:03
Ellis Craik0:53:160:21:591:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:08:29
Theo Grant0:53:160:22:011:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:08:31
Andrew Levinson [BYT][U13]0:44:480:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:08:53
J Waltham [BYT]0:53:160:30:511:26:520:21:400:35:301:20:595:09:08
A Connole0:50:360:26:411:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:10:31
Emil Kreuchauf (U15UCI)0:53:160:24:451:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:11:15
Tc Flatlander0:53:160:30:511:27:520:22:470:35:301:20:595:11:15
Karl Villem0:53:160:26:561:27:520:27:530:34:301:20:595:11:26
Neo Hammargren [CKH]0:52:160:26:571:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:12:27
J Connole0:53:160:29:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:16:21
Brendan Monahan [BYT]0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
corne van dijk0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Eddie Sharp U150:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Elliott Blake(KRT)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Finn Child (U15)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Finn Cureton [BYT] 13yrs0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Gregor Hascher (11years)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
H Holmes0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Hamish Hunter0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Henry Coopdog (BYT) 10 Years Old0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Ima Beast #TEaM (VIZSLA)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
J Santamaria0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Jacob T U120:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Jesper van Loon(u170:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Lilly Schroth0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
M Pettersen (age 9)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Marnus Evans (12yrs)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Miroslava Logvinova0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Nate Flanders Age12 BYT0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Patrick Lee (U10) [BYT] (Hon Galway)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Ryan Nickerson [CRYO] (U14)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Ryan Wain U15 [AHDR]0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Seán Burns [WABCC]0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Thomas Lindley (F365)0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]0:53:160:30:511:27:520:28:530:35:301:20:595:17:21

GC Points

RiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total Pts
Paul Vriesman354040115
Frederik Rosing-Schow404035115
Eric Reis403040110
Lars Heinrich U15 (BYT BRL)27252528105
Julian Jones[MISSIONDEVO]20200262591
Noah Rye (Namdal SK) [ZU4R]28292986
Oliver Chi28273085
R Philippot-Haegel24272879
Wojciech Jankowiak28252679
Henry Hellman 11yrs [SZ]19302473
Nico Galbreath26242373
Tom R Everested (BYT)(U14)19272066
ALBERT GOTZ000293564
Karl Villem0170192056
JMS speed co1817002055
J Man Pinfold(12 Years old)(BYT)30200050
Josh Tyers (12yrs)15350050
J Waltham [BYT]00262046
Michael L10 [BYT]20240044
R Bav (BYT)29150044
Katie Cheong U1501702037
Neo Hammargren [CKH]18170035
J Connole18160034
Samchop (BYT)0002828
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]2500025
V Jalving000002424
Oliver Oldham (BYT)2000020
Ellis Craik0200020
Tc Flatlander0002020
Theo Grant0190019
Sophia Chi0190019
Andrew Levinson [BYT][U13]1800018
Emil Kreuchauf (U15UCI)0180018
A Connole0180018
Max Power0180018
Patrick Lee (U10) [BYT] (Hon Galway)00000
Ryan Nickerson [CRYO] (U14)00000
R Bav (BYT)00000
M Pettersen (age 9)00000
Ima Beast #TEaM (VIZSLA)00000
Henry Coopdog (BYT) 10 Years Old00000
Elliott Blake(KRT)00000
Jacob T U1200000
Brendan Monahan [BYT]00000
Miroslava Logvinova00000
Finn Cureton [BYT] 13yrs00000
Seán Burns [WABCC]00000
H Holmes00000
Marnus Evans (12yrs) BYT00000
Wojciech Jankowiak00000
Eddie Sharp U1500000
Hamish Hunter00000
Hamish Hunter00000
Nate Flanders Age12 BYT00000
Ryan Wain U15 [AHDR]00000
Finn Child (U15)00000
Thomas Lindley (F365)00000
Thomas Lindley (F365)00000
J Santamaria00000
corne van dijk00000
Gregor Hascher (11years)00000
Jesper van Loon(u1700000
Marnus Evans (12yrs)00000
Lilly Schroth00000
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]00000
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]00000

KOM Points

RiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total Pts
Paul Vriesman069722
Frederik Rosing-Schow0210820
Eric Reis0501015
Noah Rye (Namdal SK) [ZU4R]007512
Henry Hellman 11yrs [SZ]0088
Wojciech Jankowiak0066
Lars Heinrich U15 (BYT BRL)00066
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]0055
J Waltham [BYT]0044
Wojciech Jankowiak00044
Julian Jones[MISSIONDEVO]00033
R Bav (BYT)0202
V Jalving0000022
Nico Galbreath0000011
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]0000
Patrick Lee (U10) [BYT] (Hon Galway)0000
Ryan Nickerson [CRYO] (U14)0000
J Man Pinfold(12 Years old)(BYT)0000
Tom R Everested (BYT)(U14)0000
Josh Tyers (12yrs)0000
M Pettersen (age 9)0000
Tc Flatlander0000
Ima Beast #TEaM (VIZSLA)0000
Henry Coopdog (BYT) 10 Years Old0000
R Bav (BYT)0000
Theo Grant0000
Elliott Black(KRT)0000
Jacob T U120000
Brendan Monahan [BYT]0000
Miroslava Logvinova0000
Finn Cureton [BYT] 13yrs0000
Seán Burns [WABCC]0000
H Holmes0000
Michael L100000
Michael L10 [BYT]0000
Marnus Evans (12yrs) BYT0000
Oliver Oldham (BYT)0000
Samchop (BYT)0000
Eddie Sharp U150000
Hamish Hunter0000
Hamish Hunter0000
Nate Flanders Age12 BYT0000
Ryan Wain U15 [AHDR]0000
JMS speed co0000
Finn Child (U15)0000
Thomas Lindley (F365)0000
Thomas Lindley (F365)0000
J Santamaria0000
corne van dijk0000
Neo Hammargren [CKH]0000
Katie Cheong U150000
J Connole0000
Gregor Hascher (11years)0000
Emil Kreuchauf (U15UCI)0000
Jesper van Loon(u170000
Marnus Evans (12yrs)0000
Lilly Schroth0000
Andrew Levinson [BYT][U13]0000
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]0000
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]0000
A Connole0000
A Connole0000
Ellis Craik0000

Sprint Points

RiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total Pts
Josh Tyers (12yrs)1818
Paul Vriesman1818
R Bav (BYT)1717
Eric Reis1414
Lars Heinrich U15 (BYT BRL)99
Oliver Chi99
J Man Pinfold(12 Years old)(BYT)33
Michael L10 [BYT]33
Tom R Everested (BYT)(U14)11
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]00
Patrick Lee (U10) [BYT] (Hon Galway)00
Ryan Nickerson [CRYO] (U14)00
Stefan Tomescu [BYT]00
M Pettersen (age 9)00
Tc Flatlander00
Ima Beast #TEaM (VIZSLA)00
Henry Coopdog (BYT) 10 Years Old00
R Bav (BYT)00
Theo Grant00
Elliott Black(KRT)00
Jacob T U1200
Julian Jones[MISSIONDEVO]00
Brendan Monahan [BYT]00
Miroslava Logvinova00
Finn Cureton [BYT] 13yrs00
Seán Burns [WABCC]00
H Holmes00
Marnus Evans (12yrs) BYT00
Noah Rye (Namdal SK) [ZU4R]00
Wojciech Jankowiak00
Oliver Oldham (BYT)00
Samchop (BYT)00
Eddie Sharp U1500
Hamish Hunter00
Hamish Hunter00
Nate Flanders Age12 BYT00
Ryan Wain U15 [AHDR]00
JMS speed co00
Finn Child (U15)00
Thomas Lindley (F365)00
Thomas Lindley (F365)00
J Santamaria00
Henry Hellman 11yrs [SZ]00
corne van dijk00
Neo Hammargren [CKH]00
Katie Cheong U1500
J Connole00
Gregor Hascher (11years)00
Emil Kreuchauf (U15UCI)00
Wojciech Jankowiak00
Frederik Rosing-Schow00
Jesper van Loon(u1700
Marnus Evans (12yrs)00
Lilly Schroth00
Andrew Levinson [BYT][U13]00
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]00
Toby Kennedy [WABCC]00
J Waltham [BYT]00
A Connole00
Ellis Craik00

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