Zfondo Series 2021/2022 Announced

Zwift Fondo Series is back! The fondo series features numerous new kit unlocks, and they are typically pretty popular events. Zwift also has a Gran Fondo training plan for those who want to start prepping the rides.

The series begins on the 31st of December, and there will be an event every few hours to give riders from all around the world an opportunity to participate. What’s better than a New Years Day fondo ride? The event will be on the 31st through the 3rd of January to give riders more time to complete the event. If you complete the event, you will receive the new kit for January. Every first week of the next few months there will be a new event with a new kit unlock. To get the kit you will have to complete the full length of the event, there are three different lengths on all new routes for this year. Here are the route details.

  • Bambino Fondo Route: Similar to previous Bambino Fondo route but some roads changed to new strips of road added last December Update. Distance ~ 52km
  • Medio Fondo Route: Similar to previous Medio fondo route but some roads slightly tweaked. Distance ~77km
  • Gran Fondo Route: Includes most roads in Watopia while avoiding the Alpe. Distance ~ 94km

Here are the dates for the rides.

December 31st – January 3rd 2022

February 4th – February 6th 2022

March 4th – March 6th 2022

Here is a link to the sign up: https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/zfondo. Link to Zwift’s Zfondo event page: https://www.zwift.com/events/series/zwift-fondo-series-2022.

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