Zipp 353 Wheelsets

     Looking at the Zwift files they have recently added a new wheelset called the Zipp 353s. This is likely a lighter version of the 454 wheel sets. They have not announced these wheel in real life yet but they are supposedly going to release something new during this time period, as zwift stated in the event details. \”And keep your eyes peeled for exciting news from Zipp. They might be releasing some new speed weaponry.\” These wheels will likely be very light wheels yet still maintaining there aero dynamics. This would be the best wheel set for routes like Quatch Quest, Mega Pretzel, and other routes that have a lot of climbing but still quite a bit of flats. So basically a lighter version of 454s. Here is an image of the existing 454s. This is the link for sign up On Instagram zwift supposedly said that you unlock the new wheels on the last stage which makes me think that it might not actually be that fast if they are giving it away for free. I do not have Instagram so I cannot confirm that this is true. Please check back often for more posts and I have over 100 previous posts that can keep you entertained for hours!

Zwift just released the World of Zwift episode which teases the new wheels shown in this image below, the wheels shown are thinner than the 454s and thicker than the 202s which fits perfectly as the 353s.

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