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Zipp Classics Series

     Zipp is working with Zwift to run the Zipp Classics Series. This series is from the 30th of march until the 25th of April, so around a month long event. This kit is the same one from the old zipp high speed desert series, they did change some of the detailing to make it look somewhat \”new.\” 

    There is an image of the kit that will be unlocked with one weekend stage completed. Based off the Zwift instagram page, riders are saying that you will unlock the wheelset Zipp 353s in the final stage. This is not a race, just a group ride paced from 2-3 wpk. The description says that if you feel like racing, you, and if you feel like going easy, you can do that too. So it is kind of like tour of watopia or zwift fondo. If you finish a stage you will be entered to win a zipp wheelset, most likely the 353s that will likely be released sometime in the next few weeks. There is a separate post about the 353s here: Here is the link to the Zwift sign up link:

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