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October’s ZRacing series has just begun! Every week in October, there will be races throughout the events calendar that tackle Zwift’s most famous courses. These will range from E-Sport World Champs finishes, UCI courses, and more!


Here is the schedule for October:

Stage 1 // 2019 UCI Harrogate Circuit(UCI Course)

Stage 2 // Knickbocker(E-Sports Finish)

Stage 3 // Watopia Figure 8 Reverse(E-Sports Course)

Stage 4 // Double race! – Queen’s Highway & Cobbled Climbs Reverse

Additional Information

As usual, there will be a GC on Zwift Power that riders can compete in. Nathan Guerra will also be hosting his “Wednesday Worlds” races every Wednesday at 11:10 AM PDT. This is where some of the top riders in E-Sports convene each week.

Coming soon

Coming up in November is “Race Makuri Islands”. This is looking like it is going to be a fun one!

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Julian Waltham
Julian Waltham
8 months ago

Sounds Cool

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