ZRL Race 6 – 2018 UCI Worlds Course Guide


The next Zwift Racing League race will take riders through Innsbruck. All of the categories will be racing a points race over the 2018 UCI Worlds Course(one of the few courses in Innsbruck). The route will first take riders out of the Innsbruckring, and up the Innsbruck KOM(first opportunity for points). For the sprinters, the only opportunity for points will likely be FTS(fastest through segment) points at the sprint banner, as the top 10-15 riders will be climbers. Racers will then descend the other side of the KOM, making their way back onto the Innsbruckring.

Be careful of the downhill, if you get dropped on the downhill, there is likely no catching back up. Once riders are back on the Innsbruckring, riders will make their way up the “Leg Snapper”(~1 min effort). Expect some riders to attack on the leg snapper, then riders will hit the sprint(~10-15 seconds). Riders will likely sit in until the final sprint, where there will be a sprint off. At that point only around 10-15 riders will remain in the lead group, maybe less.

Best bike

The best bike choice for this route will likely be Scott Addict RC with solid all-arounder wheels(Enve 7.8s, DT Swiss Dicut 62’s). For most riders who do not have the Scott Addict RC will likely be using the Tron Bike or the Canyon Aeroad 2021.


Here is a video recon of the course, along with some of the details presented in this article. *Coming soon

Power Up Opportunities

Here are the places and distances where power ups will be up for grabs. The power ups being used in this race consists of the Anvil, Truck Boost, and Featherweight.

  1. Lap start banner ~ 0.2 km
  2. KOM finish ~ 10.8 km
  3. Sprint ~ 22km

Race Recons

Electric Spirit Co. – https://www.zwift.com/events/view/2855761
TFC Sprint Series – https://www.zwift.com/events/view/2979526
Team Italy ZRL Recon – https://www.zwift.com/events/view/2980510
Wahoo Le Col Racing Series – https://www.zwift.com/events/view/2906206

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