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ZRL Race 7 – Downtown Titans Race Guide


Note: There are no power ups due to a Zwift bug, this will be fixed in the next game release(likely May 12th). The next Zwift Racing League race will take riders through the roads of Watopia. All of the categories will be racing a points race over the Downtown Titans course, one of the former Zwift Insider Rebel Routes. The race will start at the downtown banner, and make it’s way through the Titans Grove section of Watopia. The first power up and points will be available atop the Titans Grove KOM Reverse. The Titans Grove KOM will take around 1-2 minutes for most categories. This is where the main split will happen, but expect some riders to make it back onto the pack while heading towards the KOM. Once riders make it through the Titans Grove, riders will make their way through Ocean Boulevard and head up the Watopia KOM. The Watopia KOM will take riders around 1-3 minutes depending on your category.

The points for sprinters will be available at the Watopia Sprint Forward. This is very close to the end of the race, around 2 miles from the finish line. Riders will then make their way through the Esses and back to the downtown banner. Something that I have seen frequently is riders starting their sprint very early on this course. When I was racing this course a few days back, some riders went as early as 1 mile out. For those who are looking to go early, be aware that the pack will come in with a lot of momentum as it is a slightly downhill before the finish.


Here is a video recon of the course, along with some of the details presented in this article.

Best bike

The best bike choice for this route will likely be S-Works Venge Disc with solid all-arounder wheels(Enve 7.8s, DT Swiss Dicut 62’s). For most riders who do not have the S-Works Venge Disc will likely be using the Tron Bike or the Canyon Aeroad 2021.

Power Up and Points Opportunities

Here are the places and distances where power ups and points will be up for grabs. The power ups being used in this race consists of the Aero Boost, Truck Boost, and Featherweight.

  1. Titans Grove Finish ~ 6.8 km
  2. KOM Finish ~ 17.3 km
  3. Sprint banner ~ 22 km

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