ZRL Race 8 – Sprinters Playground Guide


Note: There are no power ups due to a Zwift bug, this will be fixed in the next game release(likely May 12th). This is the final race of the Zwift Racing League season(technically the season already ended, but this still counts as ZRL). For those who still aren’t quite sure what exactly the WTRL Finals are, Zwift Insider has a great article about it: https://zwiftinsider.com/wtrl-racing-finals/. For the final race of the season, riders will be racing 3 laps of Sprinter’s Playground. A route added with the Neokyo Makuri Islands expansion in November. The route consists of a few main parts. The route consists of two segments where FTS points can be obtained: Alley Sprint Reverse, and Railway Sprint Forward. There are also 4 sprints where FAL points can be scored: Tower Sprint Reverse, Castle Park Sprint Forward, Alley Sprint Reverse, Railway Sprint Forward. The total distance is 37 km, or 23 miles, the total elevation is 201 meters, or 659 feet.

The race begins at the main Neokyo ‘banner’. Note that the banner does not give power ups. You will first make your way through the Tower Sprint. The Tower Sprint will likely take most riders less than 20 seconds. You will then make your way to the Castle Park Sprint, this is a pretty short sprint of around 15 seconds. You’ll ride on the Castle road for a bit before making a left turn to make your way to the Alley Sprint. Watch out, because right when you round the corner, you will immediately hit the sprint. This is the second longest sprint on the course, it will take most riders around 23-25 seconds. Finally, you’ll head towards the Railway Sprint, first going up a small incline. The road will remain a slight incline for a few minutes, before hitting the sprint. This sprint will take riders 25-30 seconds. This is also where the main split of the race will occur, so watch out!


Here is a video recon of the course, along with some of the details presented in this article.

Best bike

The best bike choice for this route will likely be S-Works Venge Disc with the most aero dynamic wheels you have, for some that would be the DT Swiss Disc wheelset. For most riders who do not have the S-Works Venge Disc will likely be using the Tron Bike or the Canyon Aeroad 2021.

Points Opportunities

Here are the places and distances where points will be up for grabs.

  1. Tower Sprint ~ 1.6 km
  2. Castle Park Sprint ~ 3.4 km
  3. Alley Sprint ~ 4.7 km
  4. Railway Sprint ~ 8.4km
  5. Tower Sprint ~ 13.9 km
  6. Castle Park Sprint ~ 15.8 km
  7. Alley Sprint ~ 17.4 km
  8. Railway Sprint ~ 20.7 km
  9. Tower Sprint ~ 26.3 km
  10. Castle Park Sprint ~ 28.1 km
  11. Alley Sprint ~ 29.8 km
  12. Railway Sprint ~ 33.1 km

Race Recons

Not many recons now because it takes place on a Saturday, which is when most of the recon races normally occur.

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