Zwift Academy Make-Up Weeks

Missed a Zwift Academy recovery ride or base line ride? From October 11th through 25th there will be make up weeks, where you can do the first recovery ride, baseline ride, finish line ride, and the Zwift Academy workouts. As long as you finish the Zwift Academy workouts by the end of the make up week, the Zwift Academy workouts in the workout folder will still count towards the Academy.

There are two different Zwift Academy recovery rides, one was held on the Sand and Sequoia route, and the other was on the flatland loop route. To see which rides you have and have not completed, go to your Zwift Academy dashboard on the home page of the companion app, and the circles filled in, you have already completed. Unfortunately you can no longer register for Zwift Academy, but you can always do the workouts whenever you want!

Zwift Academy Tri is also starting on the 11th of October, for more information on that, head over to this article:

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