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Zwift Academy Road 2022 Announced

Zwift Academy Road 2022 has just been announced. This is a yearly series/program that tends to happen in September & October. This is also unique opportunity to score a pro contract to race for Alpecin DECEUNINCK or Canyon/SRAM.

Requirements For Pro Contract

  • Complete the Base Line ride and additional Pro Contender workouts before September 25th
  • Complete the entire program before October 10th
  • Complete the long version of all of the workouts(the program offers both long and short programs)
  • Use a Smart Trainer or Power Meter and Heart Rate Monitor – ZPower will not be eligable for the contract
  • Riders cannot be professional riders, and must be over the age of 18 by January 1st, 2023

Any additional requirements/TC for Zwift Academy Road 2022 can be found on Zwift’s page:

Program Details

The program is exactly the same as last year, just with new unlocks and workouts. The program begins on September 12th, and ends on October 9th. There will also be orientation rides for riders to prepare for the series. These will be taking place from the 15th of August till the 11th of September. Browse upcoming events for the orientation rides here: Here are the things that are required in order to graduate:

  • Zwift Academy Road 2022 Baseline Ride & Finishline Ride
  • 6 Zwift Academy Road 2022 Structured workouts – 2 Pro Contender workouts for those who are looking to score the pro contract

At the end of the series, riders will get an email letting them know what type of rider they are. Learn more about how that is determined in this article:


The unlocks for this year will be the following:

  • 25 % – Zwift Academy Road 2022 Socks
  • 50 % – Zwift Academy Road 2022 Sweatband
  • 75 % – Zwift Academy Road 2022 Kit
  • 100 % – Zwift Academy Road 2022 Canyon Aeroad Paint Job

More FAQ’s:

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