Zwift Academy Tri 2022 Details

This years Zwift Academy Tri is very similar to last years. The Academy Tri will start on October 24th and end on the 20th of November. Registration is currently open here:


The goal of Zwift Academy Tri is to help triathletes improve their cycling and running. These workouts tend to be longer than the Zwift Academy Road as many triathlons rely on endurance. Unlike the Zwift Academy Road, Zwift Academy Tri will offer spots on an amateur team. This team will train together and participate in the 2023 Ironman World Championships in Kona.


In order to “graduate”, triathletes must complete 6 structured workouts(three cycling and three running) and 1 finish line run and ride. This is much shorter than last years 12 workouts. Like the Academy Road, the finish line ride and run will tell triathletes what they should work on for future workouts.