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Zwift Adds Pace Partners in Makuri Islands

Zwift has just added pace partners to Makuri Islands. The Watopia pace partners will still be in Watopia on their usual routes, so there are now two of each pace partner. Here are the routes for the new Makuri Islands pace partners. Their paces will remain the same as they currently are in Watopia.

A. Anquetil will ride Countryside Tour

B. Brevet will ride Chain Chomper

C. Cadence will ride Kappa Quest

D. Diesel Will ride Three Village Loop

It is great to see Zwift move pace partners to other worlds outside of Watopia, but it would be nice to see C Cadence on other routes that are flatter and in Neokyo like Flatland loop, Neon Flats, and Suki’s playground.

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