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Zwift Announces Numerous Game Changes

Through the forums, Zwift announced a few new changed to the game. These changes are all on the client side of things, so will not require a new game release. The December release should be released around the 15th-20th of December if they follow the schedule, holiday decorations should be up soon too.

“Save Your Ride Locally” Feature

This is a very important feature in case your upload takes a long time when uploading in case internet is lost(or other technical difficulties like that. This new feature will ensure that all rides save properly. The way that this feature works is if your ride does not finish saving after 15 seconds, the ride will be saved onto your device, and finish uploading once a stable connection is established. The ride will then save normally, and upload to Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, etc. This feature however will not upload your screenshots, and will not work if your device crashes. You can check to see if your activity uploaded by checking, or the companion app. The feature is slowly being rolled out this week, with a complete roll out in the next few weeks. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Gif of the new feature in action from the forums post

Leaderboards Performance Updates

This is not really a new feature, just an update to how the leaderboard works. This will not affect times and how your time is calculated. These changes are to make the game run smoother and ensure that Zwifter’s have the best experience possible. The leaderboards will now show up like this, first you will see the leader for the segment, then you will see an incomplete leaderboard a few seconds later, and then after another few moments the full leaderboard will show up. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Changes To Device Compatibility

This is one of the bigger changes that will be made. In order to help the game run smoother, Zwift will be changing the minimum requirements to run the Zwift app. Users on the old platforms will no longer be able to use Zwift once this change is made. Zwift is also removing the Zwift app and companion app from the Apple watch app store because Zwift acknowledges that the app isn’t complete, and needs some work. These are the new requirements that will be enforced.

  • macOSX 10.2 +
  • iOS 12 +
  • Android +
  • Windows 10 +

MacOS, iOS, and Android minimum requirement changes will happen with theĀ DecemberĀ game release.
Win7 & Win8 minimum requirements will be made the month after in the January game release. Here is a link to the forums post:

Re-designed home-screen + clubs

Zwift is planning their re-designed home-screen for December, if everything goes on schedule, the update to the home-screen will have a limited roll out beginning in December, with a complete roll out in early 2022. Zwift also plans to release clubs publicly around January 2022.

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[…] Zwift Updates Device Compatibility […]


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