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Zwift April Update 1.24 Released

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, with Android and iOS coming in the next release.


The update was a pretty minor update, including a few new things. The update contained a few new frames, updates to the new home screen, and some updates regarding workouts.

Prefer to watch?

New Home Screen video

New frames and wheelsets

Zwift has added two new frames in this game release, the Scott World Cup RC and the Allied Able. The Scott is a mountain bike while the Allied Able is a gravel frame.


Allied Able – 721,000 drops, Level 15+

Scott Spark RC World Cup – 745,000, Level 21+

Gravel Mountain Update

Gravel Mountain should be releasing soon, and some more details are out. Gravel Mountain will be world 12, and there are 2 other worlds that are in the code… Maybe a linking between a few worlds, or a series of Gravel worlds? For some details head over to this link:


As usual, Zwift has added some new workouts of the weeks as usual.

Upcoming workout changes: Zwift will be working to make it so that you can adjust the amount of time you warm up and cool down for, along with allowing users to extend training plans.

New home screen

Zwift is continuing the rollout of the new home screen and should be available to all users around the spring of 2022. The rollout seems to be starting with the newer accounts(accounts created in the past month or so). Zwift also added a carousel feature to select a workout quicker, they also enabled the access to ride any route when selecting a workout.

Here are the release notes from the forums:

  • Running Training Plans now provide access to workouts from past weeks.
  • Fixed an issue causing some audio elements to be missing when the 3D World Volume slider was set to ON.
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to sway in some situations when a Zwifter joins the world.
  • Fixed an issue on gravel surfaces that caused Tacx road feel to feel a bit more bumpy than it should have.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tour of Watopia cap and shoes to remain equipped after the Tour of Watopia event concluded.
  • Fixed an issue causing the logo for the ENVE wheelset to appear improperly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Chapter2 TOA frame to show as 4 stars weight instead of 3 stars.
  • Fixed an issue with the Back to Fitness training plan where the sprints were the wrong duration.
  • Fixed an issue with the workout text spacing in the Global 2×30 FTP intervals workout.

Latest game version

The latest game version is 1.24 for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. For the very long game version on computers, head over to this link:


Some images of content added in this game release.


Here is a list of the bugs in the Zwift April 2022 Game Release.

My thoughts

Overall I think that this was a pretty good update. It is a bit disappointing that we will have to wait a few more months for the new home screen to be fully released, but at least things are happening. I would expect the next expansion to the Makuri Islands to be released in the next few months(maybe around May-ish). It is also cool to see that there is a new world in Zwift coming soon, Gravel Mountain.

Forums post

To discuss the update and post any questions or comments you have about the update, head over to this link:

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