Zwift Biehler SYN Race Series Announced

Zwift Biehler SYN Race Series Announced

Zwift just announced a new race series run by the Biehler SYN club. This is a three stage race taking place from December 2nd through 4th, if you complete any stage you will unlock the exclusive Biehler SYN club kit and you will get 25% off of a real life club membership. For a complete list of events and sign up, head over to this link:

Stage Details

Stage 1: Mass-Start Time Trial // December 3rd

Route: Makuri Islands Flatland Loop 1 lap

Stage 2: Hilly Loop Race // December 4th

Route: Watopia Hilly Loop 3 laps

Stage 3: Circuit Race // December 5th

Route: London Classique 5 laps


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