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Zwift Canyon CF SLX Disc

     Zwift just updated their speeds for their new Canyon TT bikes and it looks like it is the new fastest climbing frame and flat frame for TT bikes. The Canyon came out in the recent update in Mid-March and the Aero and Climb ratings were wrong, they have now been fixeds. This makes sense because the recent Ironman winners have all been using this bike to win the Kona Ironman World Championships. This is a big deal for Cervelo because the P5X used to be the fastest (I bought both the P5X and Felt IA only to realize that the Canyon is faster). This is the best choice for those of you Time Trialers because it is only 800,000 drops and is only a level 26 unlock. Please share this post with others and spread the news about my blog! Here is a picture of the bike.

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