Zwift Categories/Racing

As many of you know, Zwift has hundreds of events a day. From races to group rides, Zwift has it all. When racing in Zwift you are supposed to choose which category you are in according your WKG for your FTP. Of course, just like outdoors there will be people who choose the wrong category on accident or sometimes on purpose.

Zwift races typically have 5 categories. A, B, C, D, E. The highest category A is people who are putting out 4 WKG or more. B racers are riders who are putting out 3.2-3.9 WKG. C racers are putting out anywhere between 2.5-3.1 WKG. D category racers are putting out 1-2.4 WKG. In order to prevent riders from purposefully joining the incorrect, category, Zwift has put in Category Enforcement. Category Enforcement is a new features that only allows riders to select their proper category, or the categories above.

During most group rides there will be a sweep. A sweep is a rider that helps riders who fall behind catch back up to the group/leader. Group rides also typically have a barrier, also known as the fence. The fence removes riders who go way ahead of the leader for over a minute. These features/riders help keep the group a group ride.

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