Zwift Category Enforcement Changes/Updates

Last week Zwift forums member James Bailey posted that they would be making a few changes to the algorithims used to calculate your category and information about future test events. These changes algorithim changes are now live.

Zwift has a schedule for the tests that will be happening in the next few weeks, with the goal of having category enforcement fully released in the next few months. Here is the schedule for what is coming next.

  • February 21-27: Zwift-led Category Enforcement Test Events These have just finished
  • February 28-March 6: First wave of Community-led Category Enforcement Test Events
  • March 7-13: Second Wave of Community-led Category Enforcement Test Events
  • March 14-20: Review of feedback from both Zwift-led and Community-led events

You can browse the upcoming category enforcement tests with this link: You can also browse on Zwift Hacks:

Zwift also tweaked the formula that will be used for these events, here is the updated formula. The goal of this change was to make the enforcement more fair for light riders(like myself). These changes seem to work very well, and I am back in my proper category.

A: (4w/kg OR 5.4w/kg MAP) AND 250w CP
B: (3.2w/kg OR 4.1w/gk MAP) AND 200w CP
C: (2.5w/kg OR 3.9w/kg MAP) AND 150w CP

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marc tatar
marc tatar
1 year ago

I hate this. I am a Cat C and have been for a long time … and not getting any stronger. On a good day I can finish in the lead group. I went to sign up for a Crit City event and was limited to Cat B or A. No way I can keep up with them for more than five minutes. If Zwift keeps this function, racing will no longer be fun or good training for me (solo riding off the back of a B race is worthless)

Reply to  marc tatar

Hi Marc! What is your FTP in wpk? Are you on the lighter end of the spectrum or heavier end? This shouldn’t be occuring, so trying to figure out why…

Doak Bailey
Doak Bailey
1 year ago

I’m in the exact same boat. Can’t stay with the B’s after the first half mile, and that is going all out and I’m dropped. I’ll be changing what format I use if this takes over most races. Not to mention they are all staggered start, so when I’m dropped I’m riding alone. Can’t even stay on long enough to stay with the second group if one develops. while I was a fairly high C before, I’m nowhere near a B with the new math. racing is my favorite form or racing I’m 58 and not getting faster but enjoy “racing” with a group anyway. New math sucks, and you may be losing this 3 year subscriber. I can’t even win a sprint in the old C, yet I’m suppose to be a B. Not Happy

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